Make money with dropshipping | What Is Dropshipping?

Make money with dropshipping | What Is Dropshipping?

With dropshipping, you only buy a product as a merchant if you have already sold it. The beauty of it is that you can never make a loss. The advantage is that having your web shop is not necessary. Selling dropship products can be done very well via Marktplaats and eBay.

So you don’t have any investment, but you want to know how to make 50-100 dollars per day online? No, worry Andreasstrom told many ways to earn.

What is dropshipping?

Dropshippers are producers and wholesalers (spread all over the world) who send their products directly to the customer at the request of a trader (you). The customer orders merely the product from you, but you pass the order to the drop shipper, as it were. As a merchant, you order the product only at the drop shipper after the customer has requested the product from you and has paid you. As long as the price for the customer is higher than the purchase price that the drop shipper charges you as a trader guaranteed a profit. Earning money online in a fairly risk-free way.

The advantages of dropshipping are that as a merchant you do not have to invest money, you do not have to keep stock, you do not have to send products yourself, and you do not even need your webshop to sell the products.

How do you sell dropship products?

To earn money as a merchant with dropshipping, you need a way to ‘sell’ the products. This is perfectly possible via an own webshop, but managing a webshop is relatively a lot of work. It is much easier to offer your products via Marktplaats and eBay. Marketplace if you want to focus on Dutch consumers, eBay if you focus on the international market.

Dropshipping via Marktplaats

A marketplace is ideal for working with dropshipping. That goes like this: you choose a product from a drop shipper, put that product on Marktplaats for a higher price than the drop shipper charges, and if a customer buys your product, then you let the customer first pay, and then with a part of that money pay the drop shipper and instruct him to send the product to the customer. Note that in this way you do not need any starting capital at all.

How do you find good drop shippers?

Your success as a dropship trader is mainly determined by the products you choose to sell. That starts with selecting a suitable drop shipper. Finding a good drop shipper can still be difficult. Of course, you can just search online (by googling for example “gadget drop shipper”, “toy drop shipper”, etc.) but the drop shippers that you find are not always reliable and cheap. Pixmania-PRO is relatively familiar, but on the internet, there are also negative stories about the margins and customer service there.

Working with a reliable drop shipper is in any case super important. If there are difficulties with the merchandise or the delivery, the customer will knock on your door.